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Cameron Ero

Security Engineer

Cameron Ero is a security engineer based in San Francisco, currently working with Okta as part of their detection and response team. He has previously been a member of several blue teams including the Mandiant CIRT and the FireEye advanced detection team. Cameron is an alumnus of Towson University and holds a bachelor's degree in computer science with a focus on security. His primary professional interests include intrusion detection, digital forensics, and data science.

Password spraying detection: Where do I start?

Password spraying has been one of the hottest topics in cyber security in the last few years. Right off the heels of multiple high-profile breaches, it’s been getting a lot of attention from security vendors, reporters, and the security community as a whole. In this post, we’ll discuss why password...

Incident Response in the Cloud – Is Your Security Team Ready?

Incident Response (IR) is the umbrella term for activities where an organization recognizes and responds to an event. It applies to anything from your corporate website going down, to the loss of a database server, or even security incidents such as a user workstation compromised by malware. The purpose of...