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Jesper Frederiksen

Jesper Frederiksen

General Manager, EMEA

As General Manager, EMEA, Jesper Frederiksen is responsible for driving Okta’s growth in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He is also tasked with developing and retaining talent, driving customer success, giving back to the local community and increasing Okta’s brand awareness in the region.
Jesper brings more than 25 years of sales, technology and leadership experience to Okta, most recently spending four years with DocuSign, leading the company’s expansion across EMEA as Vice President and General Manager. Prior to DocuSign, Jesper held various leadership roles at Parallels, Symantec, Google and NetIQ.
Outside of work, Jesper enjoys running, playing golf, reading and traveling. Having lived in Denmark, Germany and the UK, Jesper considers himself a “true European.”

Why the future of work in Europe is dynamic

Having lived in Denmark, Germany and the UK, I consider myself a “true European”. I’ve observed subtle differences in the working cultures of each country so was intrigued to see the results of our recent Okta YouGov research of 6,000 office workers across the UK, Germany, France and...

There’s No Place for Passwords in the Future of Work

Everyone has probably had this experience at some point: you set up an account for a work application—and the next time you need to use it, you’ve forgotten the complex password the application required. For today’s workforce, the erosion of trust in technology starts with the unreliability of a system...