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Samuel Lee

Samuel Lee

Product Marketing Management Intern, Security

Samuel Lee is security practitioner with nearly a decade of experience working in Threat Intelligence, Cloud Security, and Identity & Access Management (IAM) systems. In roles at IBM, Barclays, and GIC, he has implemented best-of-breed security solutions in the defense, financial services, and government industries. While working as a Summer MBA Product Marketing Management Intern at Okta, Samuel is concurrently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Systems Design and Management at MIT School of Engineering and Sloan Business School. He also works as a MIT Research Assistant in Cybersecurity and is looking forward to teaching incoming MIT students this fall.

How Secure is Social Login?

Social login gives application users the ability to apply existing login information from their social media accounts to register and sign into third-party sites. But before we jump into the topic of whether social login is secure or not, let’s answer the question below.

Do users really want...