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BetterCloud is the #1 Management & Security Tool for Google Apps Administrators.

The Challenge

  • IT & security teams struggle to consolidate and visualize the data and controls across SaaS applications
  • No automation tools both monitor SaaS events and remediate issues with native SaaS admin actions
  • Human error from manual processes for SaaS management pose a significant security risk
  • Each application carries its own nuances and limitations when it comes to settings, admin types, and terminology
  • Alerting systems lack user and data object context to properly remediate incidents

The Solution

  • Integrated SaaS identity and security operations management
  • A single place to view and manage user and data entitlements across applications
  • Complete IT & security workflow orchestration for application configuration and settings
  • Protect against negligent or malicious security misconfigurations within SaaS apps
  • Automate cross-application security and management policies to remediate blind spots
Okta BetterCloud Iceberg Diagram

Improve incident response with automated policy enforcement

BetterCloud enforces IT and security policies with custom workflows that monitor identity and application events and take an automated sequence of administrator actions within Okta and other SaaS applications.

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Ensure operational security with automated user offboarding

When Okta deprovisions users, it triggers BetterCloud to run a custom sequence of administrator actions across applications to protect data, comply with regulations (GDPR) and save license costs––like transferring sensitive documents, fully deleting licenses, removing calendar events.

BetterCloud Okta Diagram 3
MFA for Apps.

Provide visibility to remediate activity-based vulnerabilities

Security teams can view 100+ types of alerts related to user and admin activity such as login failures and sensitive data sharing; triage any incidents with detailed user context and then take 200+ remediation admin actions across SaaS apps and Okta.

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Visualize all data and controls across SaaS applications

Okta presents a full view of an organization’s users and groups, while BetterCloud enables IT to see the data, settings, and administrator functionality across critical applications and get insights into tough-to-spot SaaS events.

Federated Single Sign-On

Secure application configurations and entitlements

Protect your SaaS environment by monitoring application security settings, such as configurations, entitlements, and file sharing. BetterCloud can trigger automated remediation sequences when a setting is changed.


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Here is a section all about documentation, integration, and implementation.

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Okta Verified
Okta Verified
The integration was either created by Okta or by Okta community users and then tested and verified by Okta.

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