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Conference - Okta-Sponsored Virtual

Moving Beyond Passwords to Delight and Secure Users

Passwords have been a constant throughout the internet era. As we’ve moved from desktops to smartphones, from on-premises infrastructure to cloud services, we’ve all relied on passwords to access and safeguard our data and resources across the applications we use on a daily basis.

But in this new digital age where data breaches are rampant, passwords are no longer good enough. Not only are they insecure, they are expensive and offer a poor user experience. Fortunately, there’s a better way to protect your applications and stop account takeover incidents.

In this session, we’ll discuss:

  • The benefits of passwordless authentication
  • Explain how eliminating the password can help improve user experience, admin visibility and control, and scalability
  • Key considerations and first steps as you embark on your passwordless journey
Conference - Okta-Sponsored Virtual | APAC

Cyber Resilience Summit NSW Live Conference

The cyber security landscape is continuously evolving. New threats, disruptive technology as well as increased regulation and compliance standards have all contributed to the growing complexity of the cyber landscape which is encouraging organisations to foster a better security culture and more resilience.

The Cyber Resilience Summit will bring together senior security, cyber and risk professionals from multiple sectors to explore common cross-industry pain points and potential solutions to safeguard the integrity of their organisation’s technology and assets.

Join Okta at this event to discuss your identity needs. 

Webinars + Demos Virtual

Okta and Activer Cyber CIAM Webinar

Join Okta and Active Cyber on June 17th at 11am PTD for a live interactive webinar. This webinar will discuss the best practices for a frictionless, yet secure Customer Identity Management (CIAM) solution and will include a Q&A session after! 

We will focus on:   

  • Understanding the value of the customer login experience with ease of use
  • How the user login experience is simplified and straight forward with Okta
  • Learn to avoid common pitfalls companies make in their planning for this need   


Conference - Okta-Sponsored Virtual

Solving the Identity Crisis: IDaaS Explained

As businesses’ dependency on cloud and mobile technologies grows, traditional network boundaries and legacy identity and access management solutions are becoming increasingly redundant. With greater amounts of sensitive data in their hands, the need to secure businesses from potential breaches has never been more pressing.

Identity as a Service (IDaaS) describes any cloud-based service facilitating secure access to data - including single sign-on, authentication and access controls. With a number of different options to choose from, picking the right modern identity solution for your business in 2021 is no easy feat.

In the first episode of The Future of Identity Management, identity experts and Okta are diving deep into the world of IDaaS and looking at why identity has become such a prevalent issue for business leaders.

Join us to discover:

  • What identity is, why it’s important, and how it’s evolved in recent years
  • How IDaaS can help organizations meet their business goals
  • What the main components of modern identity are
  • Why businesses should invest in modern identity strategy
  • What the future of identity looks like, including latest trends and innovations in IDaaS
Conference - Okta-Hosted Online

Forum21 Europe

We're excited to host Forum21 Europe on Wednesday 23 June.  Join us live for this year's free must-attend identity event.  Our focus is trust - and how identity is the foundation for building it across an organisation's ecosystem. 

Conference - Okta-Sponsored Virtual

Healthcare Digital Transformation Insights Leadership Forum

Healthcare Digital Transformation Insights: Healthcare organizations are making major leaps in digital transformation by giving access to critical apps at the right time to patients, providers, and partners. We will discuss what’s next for the future of digital transformation in healthcare. They’ll cover the challenges of regulatory requirements and getting access to critical apps at the right time to patients, providers, and partners.

Join CrowdStrike & Okta for a forward-looking industry update & discussion about the challenges of undergoing digital transformation specific to healthcare organizations and hear a vision for the future.

Conference - Okta-Sponsored Virtual

2021 Higher Education CIO Roundtable

Institutional leaders often feel the pressures of implementing campus-wide digital transformation initiatives and strategies. Investing in technologies that not only reduce long term costs, but also provide campus users with exceptional experiences without compromising security measures are the key to any strategic plan. Not to mention balancing campus technological shifts, like moving to the cloud, have made it possible for leaders to step away from the technical weeds and build teams that can focus on business and mission value. Often at the center of these digital transformation considerations is an Identity and Access Management strategy to support a user-centric ecosystem.

Join us for an exclusive roundtable with higher education leaders to discuss:

  • Moving to the cloud
  • Security and Zero Trust
  • User experiences and lifecycle management
  • Lessons learned and advice to other leaders pursuing similar goals
Conference - Okta-Sponsored Virtual

Dark Reading: Finding and Stopping Enterprise Data Breaches

It’s the nightmare of every cybersecurity professional. Not only have cybercriminals breached your enterprise’s IT defenses and compromised critical data, but it wasn’t your team that discovered the compromise. Not only did you fail to keep the attacker out – you failed to detect the breach when it happened.

A new virtual event is designed to help you prevent that nightmare from happening to you. Finding and Stopping Enterprise Data Breaches -- a free, all-day online conference produced by the editors of Dark Reading -- offers a look at some of the latest and most effective methods for detecting threats and compromises, as well as the key steps you should take to mitigate them. You’ll get a look at the next wave of threat detection tools and practices, as well as expert advice and recommendations on how to respond to a data breach. Top security experts and researchers will discuss ways to discover sophisticated and targeted exploits, even when they are well obfuscated. Best of all, you’ll get insight on what to do when you’ve discovered those compromises, including how to limit their impact and when to contact law enforcement.

  • Among the topics that will be covered at Finding and Stopping Enterprise Data Breaches:
  • A look at some of the latest tools and practices for detecting a compromise, including EDR and xDR
  • Insight on how your organization can use next-generation technologies such as AI and machine learning to uncover sophisticated attacks
  • Methods for analyzing system logs and threat intelligence to help detect hidden attacks
  • Critical actions to take when you suspect your data has been compromised - Key steps to mitigate a compromise and limit its impact
  • Building blocks of an effective incident response plan
  • How to staff and train your cybersecurity analysts and first responders
Conference - Okta-Sponsored Virtual | Australia

CyberCon Connect Conference - Sydney Australia

Connect Sydney will be hosted by the AISA Sydney Branch and has been designed to enable collaboration between all business groups and cybersecurity practitioners. This one-day conference will consist of two inspiring keynote presentations, a panel discussion and two breakout streams for the concurrent sessions.

This trade show will offer proactive strategies to help you address your cloud challenges and design a high-performance multi-cloud architecture and you'll have the opportunity meet with Okta to discuss your identity needs. 

Conference - Okta-Sponsored Virtual

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About OAuth and OIDC

In this session, Aaron Parecki, author of OAuth 2.0 Simplified and co-editor of the in-progress OAuth 2.1 spec, will cover the basics of the OAuth and OpenID Connect protocols. You’ll learn about when you’d want to use OAuth or OpenID Connect (or both!), when to use each of the grant types, and how to use OAuth and OpenID Connect securely from mobile applications. Aaron also covers the latest best practices around OAuth security currently in development by the group. You'll also learn about the upcoming OAuth 2.1 update and what it means for you and your applications. You'll learn how to use JWT access tokens and the tradeoffs that come with them, how to design scopes that allow granular access to various parts of your backend services, and how to design a microservices architecture protected by OAuth at a gateway.