The Passwordless Future

Every company has to become a technology company in order to survive and thrive in today’s competitive environment. But while organizations are innovating and transforming, finding ways to better engage with customers, and protecting their people and data from a variety of threats, trust in technology is eroding due to new challenges. Organizations are under pressure to innovate quickly and issues with security, privacy and consent plague user confidence in much of the technology we rely on.

Traditionally, securing our online identity has relied on one key method: passwords. For decades passwords have been the gateway to our digital identities and what we do online, and for far too long we’ve been witnessing the failure of passwords. Okta has undertaken research that demonstrates how passwords are impacting our security and quality of our daily lives.

But, imagine a world where our security isn’t dependent on letters or numbers which can easily be manipulated. Where access to the things we need to live and work is so inherently unique, no one else could have the same two sets of credentials because they are linked to our personal identity.

2019 will be a turning point in security. Security will begin to be based on our individual identities and completely passwordless, and identity will play an essential role in enabling organizations to build with trust.

How Did Okta Produce the Survey?

Commissioned by Okta, Opinium conducted a survey of 4,013 workers across the UK, France and the Netherlands. Responses were collected in May 2019. We refer to this survey as “Okta’s research” and refer to the people who responded as “respondents".


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