State of Inclusion at Okta

Annual Report

Identity is at the core of everything we do at Okta.

We value what makes each individual unique. That’s why our focus on identity extends well beyond our product, to include how we hire our employees, engage our teams, structure our company, and support our community. 

We are committed to Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIB) at every level. We know that a diverse landscape of employees, partners, and customers with a broad range of perspectives is the only way we’ll be successful in building an iconic technology company. Within Okta, our DIB efforts are inclusive and driven across business units and geographies. Inclusion ensures that we have fair and equitable processes and structures that enable everyone to be their authentic self at work. Our ultimate goal is creating a sense of belonging, giving everyone the confidence and security to actively participate – because ultimately, our differences are what makes us stronger.

Welcome to Okta’s State of Inclusion report, in which we share an overview of our current workforce and the collective DIB efforts at Okta to create a sense of thriving, belonging, and opportunity.

State of Inclusion at Okta 2020 Report.

Our commitment:

At Okta, we nurture a culture of inclusion and belonging and build a truly diverse workforce to fuel innovation and collective growth.

State of Inclusion at Okta

Hear from our VP of Diversity and Inclusion, Madhavi Bhasin; Chief People and Places Officer, Kristina Johnson; CEO and Co-founder of Auth0, Eugenio Pace; and ERG leaders on what inclusion looks like at Okta, the role ERGs play in the DIB journey, and the lessons learned from this challenging year that inform how we will move forward and improve.

Key takeaways

Below are 5 key takeaways from this year’s State of Inclusion report as we are focused on moving from inclusion to equity; from activities to impact; from commitment to action and accountability in our DIB efforts.

Demographics by the numbers

We are committed to improving the balance of perspectives and experiences on our teams. With intentional focus, we have increased the number of female-identifying employees across the organization, including in leadership and tech roles; the number of employees identifying as Hispanic/Latinx and two or more races; and Non-tech jobs have added diversity among multiple races. 

Continued work on racial justice and equity

In June 2020, Okta and our leadership made a $3M, 3-year philanthropy commitment to advance racial justice and equity through philanthropy. Together, we have committed $2.1M towards our 3-year commitment via U.S.-based initiatives initially, with intent to expand globally.

New programs

We have evolved our programs and added new initiatives, including the employee-led Vets@Okta group, an Equity Accelerator workforce development program, as well as deeper support for our Dynamic Work strategy.

Better together

In the past year, Okta acquired Auth0. The two companies have come together to achieve our shared vision of a world where everyone can safely use any technology, providing secure access for everyone. 

Room to improve

We are doing hard work across many areas but we recognize that we still have room to improve with our overall demographic numbers. We will continue to educate, raise awareness, and take concrete steps to improve diversity.

Learn more about our current workforce and the collective DIB efforts at Okta

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