Achieve scale and security with innovative authentication solutions for your team

Whenever employees access their online apps and accounts, they’re asked for authentication. Companies used to require only single-factor authentication – such as a password. But your company needs much more than a password to secure your information. Today's professionals work inside and outside the office, across numerous platforms and channels, and any theft of their credentials can be costly for the whole organization. This is why Okta advocates for multi-factor authentication. 

It can be difficult to strike a balance between optimal protection and user-friendliness. That's why Okta is constantly innovating solutions that put the end-user front and center, like adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication. This gold standard leverages smarter authentication requests by factoring in a variety of intelligent indicators like network, geography and even historical usage, resulting in fewer intrusions for the end user and fewer requests for IT.

Your Multi-Factor Authentication Toolkit

Exceed today’s authentication standards with our handy toolkit: