Okta Training

Advanced Profile Sourcing Techniques

Course Overview

The Okta Identity Cloud makes it easy to automate account management and provisioning but what about more complex business scenarios involving multiple user domains or the consolidation of identities across multiple systems? How can you organize the origin of user data and streamline the user lifecycle through application sourcing? 

Take this course to apply advanced techniques to integrate Okta with multiple sources. You will first define how the Okta profile attributes are populated with the correct “source of truth” leveraging Universal Directory. Next you will deploy provisioning solutions using Lifecycle Management to potentially manage the entire life cycle of your Okta users.

By attending this course, you will gain the skills to: 

  • Choose the correct sourcing integration and strategy for your company. 
  • Establish Active Directory as your source to manage accounts as employees are hired, transferred, or promoted.
  • Understand Lifecycle Management/ Provisioning concepts. 
  • Leverage the Profile Editor to add and manage the mapping of attribute data using Universal Directory. 
  • Assess the benefits of connecting SaaS apps such as your Cloud HR system to Okta. 
  • Connect to a cloud application, such as BambooHR or Salesforce, to Okta as a source and trigger downstream provisioning to Active Directory. 
  • Configure Attribute Level Sourcing.

To be successful in this course, you should have: 

  • Familiarity with Okta Administration 
  • Experience integrating Active Directory 
  • Basic understanding of Identity and Access Management (IAM), on-demand

Setup Requirements: 

  • Students use their own computers. 
  • Okta provides access to an Okta tenant + virtual machine to complete the labs.
  • Note: This content is also available in on-demand format as part of the Okta Premier Learning Pass subscriptions.

Looking for a course outline? Click HERE to view the Course Datasheet.

  • Relevant Role

    Administrator + Implementation Consultant
  • Recommended for

    Okta Certified Consultant Certification
  • Learning Method

    Instructor-led Training
  • Duration

    1 Day
  • Relevant Products

    Single Sign-On + Universal Directory + Lifecycle Management + API Products
  • Cost

    $925 USD / seat