Carlisle Construction's move to Office 365



Jeff Janovich:  Carlisle is a major manufacturer for roofing and insulation for anykind of major building like hospital systems or stadiums. We currently have around 3000 employees. The major identity related challenge that we face I believe was really trying to get all of our internal user data out to Office 365. We had looked at a few different options when we realized that EDFS was not gonna be the solution for us due to how much was needed to make it run properly. Everything that we are looking for now and going forward is a cloud option. That's what we're really looking towards, and Okta was full-fledged cloud-based, exactly what we were looking for. They did everything we needed to do. The importance of mobility to Carlisle I feel increases every day due to how many field reps we have out there. They never really come into an office and it's difficult to carry or lug around laptop. Before Okta we didn't really have a solution to be able to manage mobile devices. We purchased them and gave them out to the end users and really just hoped for the best.

The help desk calls were really outrageous before Okta. A lot of password resets, people getting locked out. The major solution with OMM that made it a no-brainer to purchase was the automatic password sync for mobile devices. No other solution out there that I found did that, not even Microsoft's InTune Solution. When a user changes their ID password, it updates all our devices, and we have a lot of users with multiple devices.

Okta really gave me a single pane of glass view toward all of my user activity. To all the web applications that they use to their email to administering their mobile devices to make sure they're in compliance with everything. It really just gave me that one view, as opposed to the six or seven different screens I would have to use. Most users nowadays probably have a smartphone and a tablet and a lot of other vendors always enroll by device. With Okta OMM, you enroll the device but a user can have as many devices as they want and we're only paying once per user.

Knowing that any company can really be breached at any point in time, we can't really let security dictate or make a user's miserable and using Okta I think, especially MFA and things like that, we can make that possible. Working with Okta as a partner has been a pleasure. I would make the same choice again in a heartbeat. Any other solution that I found does not meet expectations like Okta does.

With about 3,000 employees, Carlisle Construction focuses on providing roofing and insulation for major buildings, from hospitals to entire stadiums. However, as their mobility and fieldwork increase every day, they needed a full-fledged cloud-based solution that will help their representatives seamlessly connect with the assets they need. This was especially important in their plans to smoothly integrate their internal user data onto Office 365. Okta was able to fully meet those exact needs, with Mobility Management, Single Sign-On, Multi-Factor Authentication and so much more.