IC Synergy Partner Testimonial Video



Martin Gee:  My name's Martin Gee. I'm the CTO of IC Synergy and also founder of IC Synergy. Back in the early 2000s, before these were even terms, we were helping customers integrate directories, and the user management and provisioning. Through the years, we've matured and really embraced a number of vendors and technologies, and that's what we can offer to customers today, is this really great lineage of expertise.

One of the key things that we offer these customers is the ability to support their existing system while they transition to the new system, and I think that's unique. And the fact that we have so many years of dealing with on-prem systems, we can very efficiently support their needs for the on-prem legacy system and then offer the implementation, kind of, service to transition them to the new base.

Our goals and visions are, really starting with the goals, two-fold. Number one is to become a trusted advisor with our customers, so really take things and look at things in their shoes. I think, in the long term, that's how we've been successful. Secondly, and probably more importantly, on a goal, is that we never fail. It doesn't mean we're perfect, but we do what it takes to make the customer happy and get the job done.

Customers trust IC Synergy first and foremost because many of our key consultants have been a customer, so they know what it's like when the consultants leave and they have to keep the system running. We always have that in mind, so we build long-term, supportable, cost-effective, and easy-to-maintain systems. We chose to partner with Okta, really, because we believe Okta offers the most mature, purely cloud-based identity and access management platform. And we really see that Okta is going to offer a capability to our customers that may be looking for hybrid, kind of, identity and access management platforms.

The reality is, and I won't quote a customer name here, but customers are realizing that Okta does what they do and they do it better than they ever could. The ability to do single sign-on and federation, I think, is commoditized, so that's a big checkmark. But the reality is that Okta is becoming a platform that can, in the long run, will be able to compete with some of the on-prem applications, and starting to get integrated into provisioning, into workflows.

Using SaaS-based workflow engines, things like that, is really where we see, kind of, the future, so having those underpinnings with Okta, with, in terms of federation, single sign-on in a repository, is vital to enabling those other things. We see Okta being around for the long haul, and we see the vision of it being a platform that is going to do more and more over time. So the initial investment to use Okta for single sign-on is something that can be turned into a strategic investment in the long run.

IC Synergy has been helping customers integrate directories, manage users, and provision accounts since the early 2000’s. They have a great lineage of expertise with on-premise systems, and helping companies make the transition to a cloud system or hybrid system seamlessly. They partnered with Okta with the belief that Okta truly offers the most mature, pure cloud identity management platform. For IC Synergy, Okta is around for the long-haul.