The Okta Platform



James Fairweath:  It was important for us to find an identity provider that recognized that everything about identity wasn't just the classic, enterprise to its employee experience. That there were enterprises that were trying to serve customers and client use cases. That identity becomes mission critical so that it's always on and always available. That was a key part of our decision criteria.

Roger Pilc:  What makes Pitney Bowes shine is our ability to combine physical and digital technologies to help our customers over come that complexity in conducting commerce and achieve better business outcomes.

We launched the Pitney Bowes commerce cloud a couple months ago. Which, was an unveiling of capabilities we've been building over the years, in helping our clients conduct commerce in both a physical and digital world.

Friedrich Wetschnig:  Security is not just anymore like a support function, but the business enabler. If you can't make your customer trust that you can protect their IP, they will not actually go with you as their partner.

We had our supplier portal, which was separate solutions and separate access management where each of the solution had to do their own de-provisioning and provisioning of accounts. Our concern was that we are not able to manage all these accounts in a way that we wanted. So we had to find a centralized solution. That's where Okta was coming in place and Okta actually helped us to improve the security, but also make it more user friendly.

Scott Howitt:  IT itself is going through a transformative time right now, and Okta is one of the things that I can put in my toolkit to say, hey, we're going to move faster because we have this identity component nailed. What we want use is Okta to help us facilitate our M Life program which is our loyalty program for all our patrons.

So the task for us with all those M life members is in the millions. Most identity and access management systems weren't built for that kind of scale. They were built to be in house solutions with maybe hundreds of thousands of users at their max. Okta gives us the ability to go out and say, hey can we have millions of users and it manage our identity well.

Everything that we will do in the future is all about delivering a personalized experience. The cornerstone of personalization is identity management.

Three of Okta’s clients – Pitney Bowes, Flex and MGM Resorts – share their platforms and what Okta did to integrate their requests to improve identity management and security in three different business sectors.