No Code, No Problem: Automate the Customer Journey with Customer Identity Workflows

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As digital experiences shape our daily lives—and as COVID-19 accelerates the shift to online—digital transformation is more important than ever to keep up with evolving customer demands. To deliver a digital offering with secure and frictionless experiences that customers will love, organizations need to seamlessly integrate their technology stack by orchestrating customer data across different applications automatically. 

Today, we’re excited to launch Okta Customer Identity Workflows to streamline your digital initiatives and empower everyone in your organization, no matter their development background, to influence the customer journey. This no-code and low-code technology allows you to automate workflows across disparate technology stacks, including identity, marketing, privacy, and much more. With Customer Identity Workflows, you can connect to and automate tasks across any app that has a public API. Here’s a breakdown of how this new functionality can help you lower operational costs, while increasing customer engagement and data privacy at scale.

Customer identity processes are complex

As your customers move through the customer journey, they want the best of two worlds—highly personalized experiences and peace of mind that their personal data is safe. Secure customer identity management is critical in making both of these possible. Customers’ personal information and preferences need to be accounted for across all of your digital and offline touchpoints. With the rise of privacy and compliance regulations throughout the world, you need to ensure customer data is secure and auditable. Doing this at scale can quickly become cumbersome, error-prone, and time-consuming. If customer data isn’t readily available or relies on manual tasks, then business processes, customer engagement, and agility all suffer. 

Customizable automation is the solution 

Okta Customer Identity Workflows enables deep, customizable automation, empowering everyone in your organization to program identity actions and take an active role in modernization. Non-technical teams can use simple, no-code functionality, while developers can use a low-code approach by harnessing the power of Okta Hooks and custom logic to make identity extensible across the entire software stack.

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Intuitive, user-friendly flows

Now your teams can replace custom code with user-friendly flows for filtering, transformation, and more. Using our Workflows connectors, you can seamlessly orchestrate critical customer data across apps; simply drag and drop with our intuitive “if this, then that” conditional logic. Automating complex identity processes has never been easier for developers and non-technical team members alike.

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Pre-built and public API connectors

To make programming customer identity as simple as possible, Okta’s introducing new Workflow Connector integrations, specifically for customer identity use cases. These connectors enable you to automate identity processes and customize actions across your entire software stack, including the tools and custom apps you use everyday. We’ve added new functionality to existing connectors, as well as new connectors for tools that will help you create marketing and data privacy-centric workflows. This includes Salesforce, Marketo, and OneTrust—the first of many connectors that are explicitly designed to speed up and simplify complex identity processes across the customer journey.

Learn more

Okta Customer Identity Workflows is now part of our Early Adopter Program (EAP), which is available to a limited set of customers. If you’re interested in joining the EAP, please reach out to your customer success manager or Okta account representative.

For more information, check out our Okta Customer Identity Workflows page, or contact us with questions.