JetBlue’s Digital Transformation Takes Flight

From the beginning, JetBlue has focused on customer experience, so when it initiated modernizations, the airline needed a solution that would put customers first. The team called on Okta to support a smooth transition onto a new identity-powered platform.

Check out this infographic to see how JetBlue approached customer identity and access management (CIAM) to innovate air travel for our increasingly digital society.


JetBlue strives to transform the travel experience. In order to exceed sky-high customer expectations, JetBlue elevated their digital experiences and built a strategy around one key component: identity. With identity at the center and support from the Okta team, JetBlue launched a modernization project that soars.

Watch JetBlue’s Oktane21 session and find out how other Okta customers leverage identity in their transformations, or visit our Trusted Digital Experiences page to learn how your organization can do the same.