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Joel Franusic

Joël Franusic

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Joël Franusic is a hacker and evangelist at Okta, where he makes simple things simple and complex things possible. Joël's work includes writing Okta's sample code for implementing SAML in Python and PHP, as well as the first SCIM sample server and accompanying documentation, and coding the Okta OpenVPN plugin. For fun, Joël reads over 24 books a year, is a fan of computer history (ask him about his Symbolics MacIvory), and writes literate programs as often as humanly possible.

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Configuring Progressive Profiling for Your Custom Apps

At Okta, we see our customers deploy and build a broad range of customer-facing applications. At times, the completeness of a user profile may vary, depending on what is initially known about the user and any additional information that accrued over time. Progressive profiling is used to incrementally collect profile...