Introducing Okta Hooks: New Platform Functionality Gives Developers the Power to Create Infinite Integrations

Advanced development functionality opens the Okta Integration Network to a wide array of new types of custom, secure integrations

SAN FRANCISCO — April 2, 2019Okta, Inc. (NASDAQ:OKTA), the leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise, today at Oktane19, announced Okta Hooks, new functionality of the Okta Identity Cloud that enables developers to create custom integrations for the Okta Integration Network. From adding identity proofing and verification into consumer registration decisions to automating IT Service Management actions, Okta Hooks delivers advanced integration options by providing significant latitude for developers to customize and extend the reach and breadth of the Okta Identity Cloud. Okta Hooks is available in Early Access today.

The role identity plays in how developers create tailored, omni-channel customer experiences has expanded dramatically. But securing and customizing a central identity service within the context of a distributed, microservices architecture or a best-of-breed IT environment creates significant challenges for both developers and IT. Developers need to have the ability to modify identity policy or workflow, and integrate to any number of MarTech, CRM, ERP, HR or other business systems and processes, without taking on the security and resource burdens that come with an entirely custom-built identity and access management system.

Unlocking Extensibility with Okta Hooks

Okta Hooks gives developers the power to add custom logic to the Okta Identity Cloud to extend the power of the platform. Developers can leverage external context to modify workflows within the Okta platform while still maintaining high degrees of control, visibility, and security. Developers can extend Okta workflows with custom code or integrate third-party services, all triggered by key events within the Okta Identity Cloud including registration, authentication, and authorization. The result is a significantly more flexible, extensible identity management experience, enabling enterprises to deliver customized, seamless user experiences while maintaining security. Additionally, Okta Hooks creates an entirely new form of integration within the Okta Integration Network, enabling developers, partners, and customers to rapidly develop purpose-built logic that extends the Okta Identity Cloud in new and exciting ways.

“Okta has always delivered out-of-the-box security and simplicity to enable customers to stay focused on bringing innovative technology to market or to their workforces,” said Todd McKinnon, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Okta. “Okta Hooks combines our turnkey identity and access management with the power to securely add custom code required to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s applications and workflows. Whether adding identity proofing or MarTech services to B2C or B2B applications, or automating and integrating workforce-facing systems and processes, Okta Hooks offers developers endless possibilities to create seamless digital experiences.”

Potential developer customizations made possible using Okta Hooks include:

  • Enroll new users into email marketing campaigns using Event Hooks
  • Identity proof or validate a registering user using Registration Inline Hooks
  • Incorporate attributes from external databases for authorization using SAML and Token Inline Hooks
  • Enrich profile information from HR or CRM systems with Import Inline Hooks
  • Automate IT Service Management using Event Hooks

“Okta has long been a partner to ThoughtWorks for delivering innovative features to help us securely manage our enterprise identities,” said Phil Ibarrola, TechOps Head of Technology of ThoughtWorks. “The introduction of Okta Hooks has enabled us to seamlessly incorporate identity events triggered by Okta into our existing event-driven architecture. We are excited for all the possibilities this opens up for tackling more complex workflows and elaborate integration scenarios.”

Okta Hooks adds extensibility to the Okta Identity Cloud, opening the Okta Integration Network for developers to build a broad array of new types of integrations to Okta. In the future, Okta expects the recently-announced Azuqua acquisition will provide a no-code capability so that non-developers can build Hooks integrations as well. The infinite integrations possible with Okta Hooks and Azuqua, combined with the unlimited use cases made possible with the new Okta Identity Engine, makes the Okta Identity Cloud the most open and connected platform for identity. With this opening of the platform, only Okta can enable customers to build trusted, tailored user journeys for unlimited customer-facing and workforce use cases.


Okta Hooks is available in Early Access starting today as a new core function of the Okta Identity Cloud. Hooks will be included in existing Okta products. Customers will be able to use Hooks for the Okta products they have licensed. For more information, visit: