A look into how Notre Dame is protecting and enabling campus users with Okta


Since its founding in 1842, the University of Notre Dame has not wavered on its focus of providing personalized experiences to its students. What has changed is their technology landscape and the expansion of online and global study programs. Managing approximately 28,000 different user identities from prospective students to alumni, faculty/staff, seasonal workers, and everything in between is no easy feat. But it doesn't matter to the University if you're sitting in China, Australia, or in the library on campus, you still need access to the same resources, and in a secure, timely fashion.

Listen to this live webinar where we’ll share how working with companies like Okta allows Identity and Access Management Manager, Michele Decker, and her team to focus on bringing value to the University, rather than time consuming or manual tasks – protecting and enabling campus users to get their most important work done.