Multi-Factor Authentication for Apps

Shore up security for your products and the people who use them

The challenge

Protecting the front door

You've built an app or portal for users to access sensitive information. You need to add additional layers of security. One of the surest ways to prevent a breach and unauthorized access to applications is to protect the front door—by building multi-factor capabilities into your authentication system.

The solution

Okta Identity Cloud

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

You need to secure your apps. Your users need hassle-free usability. Okta Adaptive MFA applies adaptive risk detection to build extra protection into your products. And with a range of modern verification factors, the system flexes according to different users' needs.

  • Add a strong security layer to your authentication flow
  • Set policies to apply MFA based on user profile, resource, and risk score
  • Offer a range of factors, including SMS, Google Authenticator, and Okta Verify with Push

MFA your way

  • Secure apps with a highly available, on-demand authentication system
  • Choose from flexible options
  • Deploy MFA entirely on your own UI, with your branding

Focus on user experience

Security solutions don’t work if people don’t use them. If end users find accessing apps to be too complex or burdensome, they will be less productive or turn to shadow IT to get their jobs done. Okta has designed a strong authentication solution that excels at both security and user convenience.

Apply flexible policies

Define policies for user access to your app. Use a variety of adaptive factors, such as network, geography, historical usage, and user data when defining access decisions. You can tailor the policies to individuals or groups, requiring more stringent tokens for higher-security users.

Make tokens work for you

When you're working with organizations with different MFA preferences, don’t let limited options hold you back. Okta supports multiple authentication factors. Our easy-to-use MFA mobile app supports both push-based and soft-token verification methods. Okta can also support out-of-band solutions like SMS and third-party MFA products like RSA, Symantec, and Google Authenticator.

Track usage

Okta's analytics and reporting give you a clear picture of users' access and authentication patterns. You can use the data you get from MFA attempts to build more secure UX into your products.

Our customers expect security right out of the gate, and Okta was able to provide that.

Ken Schaff

Director of Global Solutions Development, Advent

Advent builds a secure online community using the Okta API

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