Ellie Fields


Ellie Fields

Vice President, Product Development
Tableau Software

Ellie’s advice for the next generation of up and coming tech leaders:

"Keep learning. There’s always more you don’t know, which is why tech is fun. If you stay curious you stay engaged."

Ellie’s impact:

As VP of Product Development at Tableau Software, Ellie manages the product strategy and Engineering teams. Her focus is on helping customers scale their analytics deployment, which includes mobile, collaboration, search, and Tableau Public. Joining during the early stages of the company in 2008, she built the global Product Marketing team and helped launch Tableau Public and Tableau Online. Tableau Public has since grown into a large and vibrant community of data enthusiasts.

Over the next seven years, Ellie has grown her role into leading a global team of more than 30 people in Product Marketing. This includes being responsible for Tableau’s core product positioning, differentiation, and its market value proposition, making sure people know who Tableau is and why it's a transformative solution.

Why she’s an Up-and-Comer:

Ellie’s leadership included managing the Tableau community. This has incorporated social media, online community and key customer programs. Ellie also helped to define and launch Tableau Online, a platform allowing customers to publish dashboards and share discoveries with anyone, via a fully cloud-hosted SaaS platform.

She now leads a set of Product Management and Engineering teams that help drive adoption of Tableau through an innovative mode of connecting people to their data. Features include giving customers more ways to engage with analytics through alerts, commenting, search, mobile access—with new experiences in seeing and understanding data. She also leads development for Tableau Public, where people can create and share data visualizations on a new, free cloud version of the platform.