Gus Shahin:  Flex is a sketch to scale supply chain solutions provider. We design, manufacture and distribute products for over a thousand customers. We have over 120 locations, factories, around the world. Our business is very dynamic. We operate in 12 major industries where we have over a billion dollars of revenue.

That gives us a very good insight of the global economy. Everybody wants their product on the shelf faster. That's become much more important than actually making it cheaper these days. Having an effective, fast, supply chain to be able to do that is key. IT plays akey role in that.

The primary initiatives that I have for my team the last two and a half, three years, has been cyber security diligence, best of breed, and business productivity.

Friedrich W:  Security is not just any more like a support function, but a business enabler. We had our supplier portal which was separate solutions and separate access management. Where each of the solutions had to do their own de-provisioning and provisioning of accounts. Our concern was that we are not able to manage all of these accounts in the way that we wanted. We had to find a centralized solution. That's where Okta was coming in place, and Okta actually helped us to improve the security. But also make it more user friendly.

John Wrenn:  So when we think of best of breed solutions a lot of that is in the cloud or in SaaS solutions. That includes Microsoft with Office 365 and SharePoint. Box for file sharing also Workday for our HR applications across our employee base.

As we moved those cloud based solutions the need to have one application, one identity management tool that could actually tie them all together was key to our success. That's what we found with Okta.

Gus Shahin:  Flex is currently working on a software defined factory, if you will. All our machines are connected. We do analytics on the fly and do things like predictive maintenance, fully automated factories. Identity is gonna be key. Okta is obviously gonna play a key role for that.

We're also offering some of our customers our complete end to end solution. Not just actually manufacturing or designing the product with the sensors and the connectivity. We're also offering the entire stack, the analytics, the applications and all that. For that identity is also gonna be key. Okta's the solution for that.

Okta plays a role for me in all three of my initiatives. It's cyber security, its business productivity, and it's best in breed. It's a perfect match.

Flex designs, manufactures, and distributes products around the world. Having an effective and fast supply chain is necessary, and Okta plays a role in that for Flex. Security isn’t just a support function anymore, but a business enabler. Their supplier portal had separate solutions and separate access management, and that made user provisioning and account management difficult. Okta not only made their system more user friendly, but also more secure, and by tying all their apps together, it became their key to success.