Okta helps Zuora power the Subscription Economy



Stanislav Burdeynyy:  Zuora is a relationship business management platform that powers your subscription business. From commerce, billing, and finance, Zuora delivers key features and functionality needed to run your subscription business all in one Cloud offering.

Christina Porter:  We have over 500 employees world-wide. Our main office is here in Foster City. A ZEO is a Zuora Executive Officer. It's somebody who is completely empowered to make the right decisions for the company.

Stanislav Burdeynyy:  From the early stages, the vision was to establish key partnerships with providers that deliver Cloud based solution. Today we're 90% Cloud shop for all the Zuora utilized applications. Managing all the cloud based resources without an identity management system createda large gap, so on and off boarding became hellish for IT. We were getting a steady diet of password reset requests daily, and more importantly our users were faced with having to manage multiple passwords for numerous applications, which also created a potential security issue as well.

Before Okta, onboarding essentially was, again, using active directory as your identity management system. Then we had numerous cloud apps to access and to configure accounts for each individual. Today, onboarding is remarkably efficient. Our ZEOs love the functionality of Okta. We are addressing security issue for both, unsafe password keeping and one password for all effect, all by taking password out of the equation.

While half of our ZEOs are stationed at headquarters, the other half is all over the world. It's something that we're working towards to become a global IT organization, so we definitely want to make sure that we empower our ZEOs with the tools they need to access their Cloud apps and Okta becomes a gateway for their applications. No matter where they are, we're sure that they're able to access their tools, which are secure behind Okta.

I have the privilege to represent the IT department at our monthly onboarding sessions, providing an overview of the department. I make it a point to introduce new ZEOs to their Cloud apps while emphasizing the importance of Okta as the gatekeeper to their tools. It's remarkable to see the instant excitement light up on their faces once they process what Okta is and what it will do for them in order to manage their world.

Christina Porter:  What I found is that on a scale of 1-10 Okta's always rated as a 10. It's given our highest satisfaction rating internally. What employees really like about Okta is that it protects their data, makes them feel secure, and they don't have to manage 5, 10, 15, 20 different passwords for all the applications that they need on a daily basis. 

Stanislav Burdeynyy:  Having someone like Okta on our side has been tremendous and they're transformational for the way we do business, the way we secure our applications and the way our ZEOs access their applications from anywhere they are. 

For Zuora, relationship business management platform, it’s important to have employees who are completely empowered to make the right decisions for the company. And one of those decisions they are working towards is being entirely cloud-based. Currently, they are at 90%, but managing all those cloud-based resources with Active Directory created a large gap. By implementing Okta as an identity management system, onboarding is efficient, security issues are addressed and when employees are asked about Okta, they always give a 10/10.