We have some great customers

We announced some of our latest customers today, including AppDynamics, Drobo, Farm Credit Services of Mid-America, Rypple, and WhitePages.

And we can’t help but brag – but our customers are some of the most innovative companies on the market today.

Drobo is the maker of award-winning storage products that combine data protection, affordable capacity and ease-of-use. Find out why everybody is paying attention to Drobo right now in the first part of an in-depth review on their product at Ars Technica.

WhitePages is the leading provider of contact information for people and businesses on the Internet and mobile phones. They recently came out with a new web and iPhone app called Hiya. Using Hiya, you can import your contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Facebook, Hotmail, Blackberry, etc., and the app will combine your contacts and clean up the data. And truly useful, its technology recognizes nicknames, misspellings, duplicates, etc. Keep up with the innovation at WhitePages on their blog.

Read more about how Drobo and WhitePages are using Okta in the Case Studies section.