Our New Site: Bringing User Centricity to Everything We Do

You’ve heard us talk a lot about our focus on our users lately. From Todd’s keynote at Oktane13 to our participation in the User-Centric IT consortium and the roll-out of Okta’s new user experience, it’s easy to see that we’re committed to making Okta a simple, easy-to-use service for our enterprise customers looking to securely connect their users. Because, let’s be real, the services that deliver true value are the ones that don’t need user manuals -- they're the ones that just work.

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But what might not be as obvious is that the user experience extends far beyond just that service or product. We believe UX extends beyond product design and UI, but also relates to your experience with a company’s sales and support teams, reading its marketing materials or seeing the CEO on Bloomberg News. We understand that your user experience is a 360 degree one -- from the very first point of contact, followed by our sales pitch, to who greets you at the front desk and our venue for Oktane14, to our blog and website.

At Okta, our vision to provide an awesome user experience doesn’t stop with our leading service. Our marketing team considers your experience with Okta before you even log in, which why today we’re excited to share the new and improved face of our company: our redesigned website, www.okta.com. Over the past seven months, we’ve collected feedback from our awesome customers, lessons learned from our product team and inspiration from our peers to develop an entirely new, user-centric website experience.

Prioritizing Simplicity and Transparency

The whole site was inspired by two of our core values -- simplicity and transparency. Here’s a snapshot of how we’re incorporating them:

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  • Easy Navigation: We’ve updated the navigation to get you where you need to go faster: whether you’re looking for information on the Product or Solutions (how customers are using our product) information is easier than ever to find, both on the web and mobile.

  • Let Us Entertain You: We want our site to be as easy to look at as it is easy to use. Yup, those new visual elements, graphics and animation aren’t just delightfully entertaining, they’re purposeful.

  • People First: We value transparency and building trusting relationships with all of our customers: we’re highlighting our Trust page on the homepage to show how serious we are about those relationships and our reliability.

We could talk for days about our new website – and the the bullet points are just a sliver of what to expect. So check out the new and improved www.okta.com for yourself and let us know what you think by emailing [email protected].