A Better Way to Set Up Office 365

According to our Businesses @ Work Report, Office 365 is the most popular application in our network. Companies of all sizes are realizing the benefit of moving productivity apps to the cloud, making it easier for employees to collaborate and save documents, and for IT to ensure everyone has the latest Office 365 updates.

With all its features and benefits, Office 365 is a complex product, and it is often difficult to import all the groups and permissions from Active Directory in order to successfully deploy the suite across an enterprise.

“If you are an existing or prospective Office 365 customer, you may be familiar with the challenges and limitations of the Microsoft-provided user management,” said Clayton Riness, Managing Director at Tevora, a management consulting firm specializing in information assurance, governance and compliance services and solutions. “Okta provides the perfect solution for deploying Office 365, regardless if you’re an Okta customer or not.”

We have long offered Okta Cloud Connect (OCC) for Office 365. OCC is a free, pre-configured version of Okta that allows IT leaders to deploy Office 365 in under an hour by automating many of the necessary configuration steps. But what was already an easy process just got easier. We recently released an updated OCC version for Office 365 with a new UI and set-up wizard, removing all lingering barriers for your wall-to-wall Office 365 deployment.

“For many of the common account and mailbox provisioning use cases, the Microsoft stack of AAD Connect, Azure AD, and ADFS require a manual step. Using OCC, we are able to automate all these provisioning use cases and have end-users productive immediately,” Clayton shared of his experience with OCC at Tevora.

From the end-user perspective, logging in to Office 365 for the first time is as easy as just entering your AD credentials. No additional work is required by the end-user to get up and running on email, Word, PowerPoint, Excel or any other part of the Office 365 bundle.

The video below highlights how easy it is to set up Office 365 with OCC. Visit our landing page for more details or learn more from Tevora.