Can Your CIAM Solution Keep Up with the Market?

The ability to innovate and rapidly scale digital experiences has never been so important to an organizations’ success as it is today. In fact, in a recent survey, 67% of organizations told us that they expect a substantial increase in traffic in the near future, and the majority (62%) attribute this rise to COVID-19. To help meet these growing demands, during a time when resources are tight and timelines are critical, companies need modern customer identity and access management (CIAM).

Most companies understand that CIAM is important, but they often have to allocate too many resources to maintain their in-house solutions. In fact, almost 60% of organizations require dedicated resources just to maintain CIAM, and 47% have to pull in additional resources to make required updates. Both of these activities detract from strategic projects developers could be working on, making it difficult for companies to quickly adapt to changes in demand and consumer needs.

Because of this, CIAM can act as an obstacle as teams try to launch their app or implement new functionality, compromising both user experience and security. Over 35% of organizations spend more than four months integrating their app with their CIAM solution, significantly slowing down their speed to market and their ability to compete with their peers. As organizations are increasingly having to adapt their traditional customer experiences to digital in order to survive the current landscape, this is an important consideration.

CIAM Solution Flexibility

Around the world and across industries, companies are working hard to meet the evolving needs of their customers. But not all of them have a CIAM solution that can effectively manage an increase in demand or adapt to the evolving needs of customers. Rather than building and maintaining in-house solutions, adopting a modern customer identity platform allows organizations to rapidly deploy secure, seamless digital experiences without relying heavily on developer resources.

Companies that want to keep up with evolving customer demands need the support of modern identity solutions. Want to learn what modern CIAM could look like at your organization? We’ve got you covered. Read 5 Reasons You Want an Out-of-the-Box Identity Service and how it will help you Build Highly Scalable Apps.