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Okta Customer Identity

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Allergan TrueTear
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Adobe Creative Cloud
Okta powers the Adobe Creative Cloud login

Adobe uses Okta to connect millions of customers and partners to their Creative Cloud suite. Read case study ›

MGM M life
Okta CIAM MGM Resorts

MGM Resorts increases M life participation and provides security for their guests with a single set of credentials for logging in. Read case study ›

Allergan TrueTear
Allergan True Tear

Okta provides a central customer repository, API security, and speed to deployment in a HIPAA compliant infrastructure. Read case study ›

Heal Healthcare portal

Heal builds a HIPAA-compliant mobile app to revolutionize the doctor visit with Okta APIs as its identity microservice. Read case study ›

Dignity Health
Dignity Health patient portal

Dignity Health's clinical trial with children’s inhalers leverages IoT and Okta API Access Management. Read blog post ›

Pitney Bowes
Pitney Bowes login

Okta provides one unified identity layer to connect people, apps, and services, to the Commerce Cloud. Read case study ›


Secure customer identity with Okta

The Challenge

Customers have never been more demanding

Businesses are in the middle of a transformation. As every company becomes a technology company, you must be obsessed about the customer’s experience.

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Omni-channel experiences

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Seamless interaction

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Security and privacy can’t be sacrificed

The Solution

Modern Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) is foundational to building digital customer experiences

Frictionless experiences

Speed to market

Centralized management

Internet-scale security

Frictionless experiences

Delight your customers with flexible, seamless login and registration 

A range of authentication and registration methods so you can tailor the experience to your customer's preferences and the security profile of your app.

Your success criteria:

  • One global customer identity for all apps
  • Balance of usability and security


Create one global customer identity from any number of sources and enable single sign-on to any downstream apps.

Okta CIAM Secure Seamless Experience Marketing Effectiveness diagram



Grant access to the right person, with the right permissions, at the right time with our rules engine and contextual access management.

Okta Seamless Customer Experiences Diagram



Provide a secure experience with a broad range of second factors that are customizable for the level of risk of your app. Even create a passwordless experience that balances security and usability.

Speed to market

Add modern identity to any app in under 15 minutes

Developer-friendly toolkits, documentation, wizards, and code snippets for modern environments with full protocol, factor and policy support.

Your success criteria:

  • Develop broad, future-proofed experiences   
  • Meet project timelines

SDKs for modern development environments and full protocol support

Extensive documentation, wizards, quick start guides, and widgets for developer productivity

Okta Hooks

Use Hooks to add custom logic to Okta. Customize your Okta policies and behaviors and create more integrations with custom logic.


Inline Hooks

Modify an Okta workflow (Import, registration, token minting, and generating SAML assertions) with custom business logic via HTTP request.

Okta Customer Identity Inline Hooks


Event Hooks

Send an Okta Event to a downstream system via HTTP Post

Okta Customer Identity Event Hooks Marketo

Centralized management

One place to go to manage all your customer identities

Your success criteria:

  • Centralize access management company-wide
  • Reduce cost while increasing efficiency


Okta Universal Directory provides a centralized, 360 degree view of every user, with unlimited custom attributes. Standardize and map attributes across apps, services, directories, and databases.

Okta Universal Directory Build Seamless Experiences


Central admin console to manage all authentication, authorization, and user management

API Access Management Protect API Resources

Internet-scale security

Secure, compliant infrastructure with real-time visibility and response

Your success criteria:

  • Prevent security breaches
  • Meet compliance requirements

Real-time visibility and anomalous behavior reports that can be integrated to your SIEM via API

SSO Reporting 1


Use ThreatInsights gathered across Okta's thousands of customers for enhanced security

ThreatInsight evergreen


The industry’s most reliable and secure platform

  Okta certifications updated

Infrastructure built for Scale

Okta infrastructure can support the massive traffic spikes and performance testing requirements of the world’s largest sites and apps.

  • Okta’s industry-leading reliability without having to manage and maintain infrastructure in-house
  • Supporting traffic up to 500,000 authentications per minute
  • Workloads finely tuned to access patterns based on a decade of optimizing performance with customers.

Ensure a seamless end-user experience even during seasonal surges in traffic or sustained, high market demand with Okta DynamicScale.

Ensure a seamless end-user experience even during seasonal surges in traffic

For more details on our DynamicScale capabilities check our page on Rate limits ›

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