Build highly scalable apps

Okta provides a secure identity layer that scales effortlessly with your app.

We bring authentication, authorization, and user management to your web and mobile apps so you can build seamless, secure, and scalable experiences that delight your customers.

MGM uses Okta to connect with millions of their M-Life Rewards loyalty members, providing personalized service while safeguarding their property and privacy.

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Embed secure login and single sign-on for custom applications.

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Frictionless login

Customers love easy access. Our secure Single Sign On makes your app a pleasure to use.

Customizable user experience

Embed authentication easily using our prebuilt sign-in widget, or customize the experience to match your brand.

Centralized administration

Simplify access management company-wide, while giving your security team more control.


Okta lets you control which apps and APIs your users can access, using attribute-based policies enforced through SAML and OAuth2.0 protocols.

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API Access Management

Create fine-grained API authorization policies that combine the OAuth grant type, user group membership, and external data sources.

Role-based access control to applications

Allow your teams to establish, maintain, and audit authorization policies based on group membership and user context, without writing extra code.

Centralized administration and monitoring

Capture real-time access and authorization logs to monitor normal access and detect bad actors before they can succeed with an attack.

User Management

Manage customer identities at scale and add user sign-up to your apps via APIs, or from Okta's easy-to-use admin console.

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Easily manage customer profiles

Unify access policy assignment, group membership definition and security policy enforcement.

Create frictionless registration experiences

Build seamless experiences using Okta's APIs or out-of-box workflows.

Effortlessly migrate large scale user stores

Seamlessly migrate giant legacy deployments into a modern cloud infrastructure.

Okta infrastructure is proven and made for scale

We’re built to support the massive traffic spikes and performance testing requirements of the world’s largest sites and apps.

  • Get industry-leading reliability without having to maintain infrastructure in-house
  • Support traffic of up to 500,000 authentications per minute
  • Fine-tune your workloads to optimal access patterns based on Okta’s decades of customer performance data.

Okta DynamicScale lets you ensure seamless end-user experiences, even during seasonal surges in traffic or sustained high-market demand. We’ve got you covered.

For more details on DynamicScale capabilities check our page on Rate limits ›

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Developer-Friendly and Secure, Right Out Of The Box

Okta makes devs more productive by reducing time spent maintaining legacy identity systems. Now you can focus on core customer and product experiences, and your teams can rapidly build production-ready identity integrations with the best available tools.

Integrate rapidly with powerful developer tooling

Okta supports an extensive set of languages, libraries, and frameworks with comprehensive and intuitive documentation, tutorials, and sample code.

Get started in minutes with Okta’s sign-in widget

Our pre-built authentication experience is fully-featured, customizable, and lets you deploy an SSO experience for any app or portal in no time at all.

Future Proof your Identity Solution

Okta is constantly aligning with the latest security and identity standards. Secure today, secure tomorrow.