Introducing the Okta Community virtual Ask Me Anything series

Okta is proud to announce an exciting addition to the Okta Community: the virtual Ask Me Anything series. These sessions enable Okta experts and customers to connect, support each other, and provide valuable insights on Okta’s Workforce Identity Cloud and Customer Identity Cloud.

What is the Okta Community?

The Okta Community is a one-stop shop for people to connect with fellow Okta users, learn new skills, and grow their expertise with Okta's cutting-edge technology.

Here, you can find the latest product information and self-help resources, ask and answer questions, collaborate with peers, submit product feature requests, and get in touch with our very own team of experts. To learn more about the Okta Community, check out our Getting Started Guide

What is the Okta Community virtual Ask Me Anything series? 

The virtual Ask Me Anything series involves interactive virtual Q&A sessions designed to help Okta customers and community members gain direct access to our knowledgeable Okta subject matter experts. These sessions will help enrich your journey with Okta.

What are the benefits for customers?
As an Okta customer, joining our Q&A sessions will help you: 

  • Enhance your expertise with Okta products 
  • Connect with Okta experts and peers 
  • Earn recognizable Community badges and swag. 
  • Elite contributors can also be eligible to be selected for our exclusive Community Catalyst Program

Are you getting the most out of the Okta Community and all the self-service resources available at your fingertips? Now is your chance to get your questions in front of the Okta Community Team. Whether you’re looking for a space to connect with like-minded peers, have questions about how to enhance your expertise with Okta’s technology, or want to learn how to share product feature requests, we want to hear from you! 

Get involved in this month’s Ask Me Anything series

Post your questions now through June 21, 2023. Then, come back for our first virtual session on Thursday, June 22 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. PST to join the event as our experts from the Okta Community team answer your questions. Learn how to participate

Check out our About Page to learn more about upcoming virtual events.