Beyond MFA: Identity is evolving for a complicated world

AI hasn’t just opened up a world of possibilities for business growth and acceleration. It has also become a highly effective tool for threat actors to use in cyberattacks. 

Take, for example, stories of AI-fueled celebrity deepfakes or voice-cloning scams that have made recent headlines. These incidents show that with AI, anyone can seize a person’s likeness or voice — or both — and use those characteristics to deceive others.  

And that’s just the beginning: Cybercriminals are automating highly personalized texts and scripted recordings that easily trick end users. They’re using AI to write software that changes its code automatically to avoid detection. With AI, running a phishing attack is only getting easier. As legitimate businesses use AI to increase productivity and accelerate innovation, so do cybercriminals. We’re already seeing the implications of this. According to the Zscaler ThreatLabz 2023 Phishing Report, AI is a major factor in the 47% increase in phishing attacks seen by major security vendors in 2022 compared to 2021. It provides bad actors with another tool in their toolkit.

So, while AI brings opportunity, it also adds another layer of complexity to an already complicated world. Business leaders can better navigate this new terrain by focusing on three areas:

  • Empowerment: Empower security teams with technology that learns and evolves to prevent Identity-based attacks  
  • Efficiency: Maximize resources in order to do more with less 
  • Flexibility: Preserve technology choice for the future 

Key to achieving those goals? Having the right Identity solution in place.

Identity is an organizational linchpin. It’s the only piece of technology that’s integrated across a company’s tech stack. It connects every single resource. But as the technology landscape transforms, so must an organization's Identity solution. Identity is no longer just SSO and MFA. It goes beyond just granting access.

The right Identity solution not only ensures the right users have the right access to the right resources at the right time (from any device or location) to ensure least-privilege access, but it also helps businesses maximize existing tools and integrate cutting-edge technology with ease. 

Simply put: The right Identity solution enables enterprises to leverage the power of technological advances such as AI, and in turn, rev their innovation engines.

That’s why we created Okta Workforce Identity Cloud. This flexible, unified solution protects organizations and delivers seamless and secure experiences for every user, connecting to any resource from any device or location. 

We continue to innovate to meet customers’ Identity needs. Here are some ways we’re going beyond MFA so customers can focus on empowerment, efficiency, and flexibility.

  • Okta Entitlement Management: Lets organizations discover and manage entitlements from various sources, all within Okta (General Availability: Q4 2024)
  • Governance Analyzer with Okta AI: Helps make governance decisions more intelligent (Beta: H1 2024)
  • Okta Privileged Access: Enables customers to implement just-in-time secure access for critical resources, both on-premises and in the cloud (General Availability: Q4 2024)
  • Context Re-evaluation for FastPass: Extends FastPass’ device checks to when a user first logs in as well as every time a user opens a new application (Available now; included in the Adaptive MFA product) 
  • Policy Recommender with Okta AI: Streamlines the setup of secure authentication practices by providing admins with personalized recommendations and templates (Limited Early Access: Q1 2024)
  • Log Investigator with Okta AI: Speeds up gathering insights and taking action when accessing Okta’s logs (Limited Early Access: 2024)
  • Okta Expert Assist: Connects customers with an Okta expert for configuration recommendations (Available now)
  • Identity Threat Protection with Okta AI: Deepens Okta’s risk signal integrations, extends observability, and enables you to detect and respond to attacks on the Identity layer in real time. Includes Universal Log Out, which gives the ability to log a user out of an app. (Limited Early Access: Q1 2024)
  • Okta Secure Partner Access: Allows secure and efficient interactions with supply chain and distribution partners (Limited Early Access FY25 Q2)
  • Okta Personal for Workforce: Helps employees decouple personal apps from work accounts, all with the same look and feel Okta customers know and love (Beta: Available now)

Tech has evolved. People have evolved. Identity, which connects them, has evolved too. Working in concert, these three elements — tech, people, and Identity — have the power to break down silos, counter complexity, and help businesses adapt, innovate, and grow no matter what the world sends their way. 

As an Identity business, Okta understands both the challenges and opportunities AI presents. Read our Okta AI datasheet to learn more about Okta’s core AI philosophy and how we use artificial intelligence across Workforce Identity and Customer Identity clouds.

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