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Sami Laine

Sami Laine

Director of Technology Strategy

Sami Laine is Director of Technology Strategy at Okta. For last couple of decades Sami has helped many of the world's largest enterprises, financial institutions and public sector organizations protect against fraud, malware, threats and data breaches and now at Okta helps companies embrace identity as the new security perimeter. 

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GitLab Goes All In on Zero Trust to Secure a Fully Remote Workforce

Only a few companies can claim they’re working on solutions so cutting edge that they’re still uncovering new ways their product is useful. GitLab, a complete DevOps platform and lifecycle tool, is one of these companies.

What differentiates GitLab is its guiding philosophy: the company specializes in web-based, open-source...

Defending Against Identity Attacks Today and Tomorrow

Anyone who’s ever had their account hacked knows firsthand just how vulnerable our digital identities can be. But having our identities jeopardized doesn’t have to be our fate. Instead, users can take a future-proof approach to protecting themselves from the onslaught of costly identity attacks—both in their personal and professional...