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Todd McKinnon

Todd McKinnon

As the co-founder and CEO of Okta, Todd McKinnon (@toddmckinnon) is responsible for creating and implementing the company’s overall vision. Prior to founding Okta, Todd spent 6+ years as senior vice president of engineering at Salesforce.com as their first non-founding executive and in various engineering and leadership roles at PeopleSoft. Read Todd’s full bio here.

People First, Technology Second

Over the past six months, I’ve spoken and written quite a bit about IT’s imperative to transition to a “people first, technology second” mentality, and focus more on delivering experiences than managing technology. In our consumer lives, we live in a mobile-first … Continue reading

An Even More Open, People-Centric Okta

Today at our inaugural user conference Oktane13, we proudly announced a set of features that open and extend the value of the Okta service. It’s all part of our goal to securely connect every application, user and device in the … Continue reading

Crossing the Atlantic: Thoughts on our Series D Funding

Last week, Okta proudly announced a $27 million series D round of funding, which will be used for growing our company internationally. This funding marks a very strong vote of confidence from our investors for Okta and for cloud-based identity management … Continue reading

A Tiger Can’t Change Its Stripes: Three Reasons Why Vendors Can’t Do Both Legacy and Cloud

Whether you call enterprise software sexy, cool or still super nerdy, there is no denying that this space is hot. There’s no shortage of headlines, industry reports and blog posts that cover the surge in business technology – many of which … Continue reading

Why Ex-Entrepreneurs Make the Best Venture Capitalists

Are ex-entrepreneurs best equipped to succeed as venture capitalists? That’s the topic of the week over at the Wall Street Journal’s ‘Accelerators’ blog, and I weigh in: When Investing in CEOs, It Takes One to Know One. Successful VCs come … Continue reading

Fuel for the Okta Fire: Thoughts on our Series C Funding, Welcoming Sequoia and the Next Big Step

Earlier today, we announced the close of a $25 million round in series C financing led by Sequoia Capital. We’re very lucky to add the Sequoia team to our list of amazing investors – which already includes Andreessen Horowitz, Khosla … Continue reading

Getting Comfortable Between ‘Yes’ and ‘No’: An Important Lesson for Startup CEOs

There are CEOs who say “yes” to nearly everything, those who prioritize and say “no” — and, of course, leaders who fall somewhere in between. In a post earlier today on Fast Company, I discuss the pros and cons of … Continue reading

How the Enterprise Got Sexy: Reflecting on #TCDisrupt

You’ve probably heard by now, but enterprise is the hot thing in the Valley right now. (For the record, I’ve always thought what we are doing is cool.) Still, the widespread interest was only re-affirmed yesterday during the “How Enterprise … Continue reading

Talking the Future of Mobile (and Marissa Mayer): My ‘Ah Ha’ Moments @BrainstormTech

A couple of weeks back, I had the chance to head out to Aspen for a few days for Fortune Brainstorm 2012 (#FortuneTech). And what an honor it was. Not only did I speak on the “Defending the Device” panel, … Continue reading

The Right Side of History: Run, Don’t Walk, to Embrace a Mobile Enterprise

I wrote a piece, which ran this morning on Fortune, about why all business leaders need to start thinking — today — about how mobile will drastically change their businesses. Change happens fast, and in just a few years the … Continue reading

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