Okta + AWS = Simple, Secure Management for Multi-Account Customers

Most AWS customers have a large set of AWS accounts – some for development, some for testing, others for production, etc. In fact, it is not uncommon to have over 100 AWS accounts to manage all of these use cases. But with this comes a key access management challenge: How do you ensure your team members have the right level of access to all the right accounts, and nothing more?

Companies using Okta for access management to the AWS console can now easily solve this problem. With the Okta Identity Cloud, our customers can now simply and securely manage up to 50 AWS accounts, and we are also now starting a beta program for unlimited account management, helping companies reduce management overhead, improve access security, and provide for simple audit and compliance.

In addition, today we rolled out an enhanced version of Okta Cloud Connect for AWS, which now incorporates multi-account management and extends Okta Cloud Connect to support a wider set of AWS use cases, like simplified access to AWS Workspaces and other AWS finished services – making it easier for businesses of any size to get started with AWS.

How it works:

  1. Employees can log into AWS services by leveraging their existing Active Directory or LDAP credentials.
  2. As users come and go from the company, changes, additions and deletes in Active Directory automatically flow to Okta and AWS. That means businesses can take advantage of automated account deprovisioning in real time – protecting against the 25% of breaches that involved internal actors – and improve overall security by providing access to the right level of entitlements.
  3. Okta also simplifies auditing management and tracking by serving as the single source of truth across the project.

To get started with Okta Cloud Connect or to join the new beta program today, visit Okta.com/AWS.


AWS developer