Business Value Assessment Method

Our business value framework was initially developed in collaboration with Forrester Consulting, who conducted customer interviews to estimate realized financial benefits with Okta. We continually update and refine our value data, in part by leveraging third-party research from reputable sources such Gartner, IDC, Forrester, etc., as well as in-depth value assessments conducted in-house. Our Value Consulting team leads quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews with hundreds of prospects and customers per year, spanning every geography, industry, and size. These findings and real-world customer responses make up the backbone of our data.

Our value tools and data are meant to help you better understand the financial implications of purchasing Okta. While they can help you estimate the expected benefits and cost savings of your subscription with Okta, calculations should not be considered exact as they are not customized to your specific environment. To tailor the inputs and costs to meet the characteristics of your organization, please reach out to your Okta Sales Representative to set up a Value Consulting engagement.