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Okta on Stage at BoxWorks

I was thrilled to appear with Box.net CEO & co-founder Aaron Levie yesterday during his keynote at BoxWorks, the company’s user conference. What better place to talk about our vision for a cloud-first world, lead by a new generation of IT, than BoxWorks, a fantastic gathering of vendors and users...

You Are The Weakest Link. Goodbye.

The Wall Street Journal’s Geoffrey Fowler posted a piece yesterday that caught our eye. I think the title “What's a Company's Biggest Security Risk? You” speaks for itself, but the crux is that corporate networks are no longer the big enterprise security threat. Instead, users have become the...

The Anatomy of a SaaS Reseller

We recently signed up our first official reseller. We partnered with a company named Cloud Sherpas, one of Google’s top resellers. Although we’ve only been working together for a month, the relationship is off to a great start as we’ve been able to train and integrate our sales and support processes and have a healthy pipeline building.

What IT Needs to Know to Not Become Irrelevant

The cloud’s upending old world IT, forcing modern departments to rethink how they view themselves and their role within their business — or risk irrelevancy. Here are a few suggestions for how IT can change tack to adapt and regain influence:

Talking Cloud with our Investors

I recently sat down with two of Okta's investors, Ben Horowitz (Andreessen Horowitz) and David Weiden (Khosla Ventures), to talk all things cloud: the biggest opportunities they see in the space, what it means for business, what's next and why Okta's such a great investment.

The consensus of the...