Transform Into a Digital Platform

Secure your transition into the API economy

Organizations undervalue security at the beginning of an API lifecycle and risk breaking changes and downtime if they add it later.

API Access Management

Approach API authorization holistically

Seamlessly integrate your API Gateway into your overall Identity and Access Management approach

Prevent data breaches

Prevent data breaches

Secure your platform using OAuth 2.0 compliant standards

Accelerate development

Accelerate development

Establish a consistent, repeatable process for developers to integrate APIs based on standard libraries and protocols


Simplify, accelerate, and scale the secure deployment of API-driven business models. Centralize your API authorization policies while supporting requirements specific to employees, partners, and customers.

Secure your APIs

Make it simple to integrate consistent authorization policies with leading API Gateways including: Apigee, Mulesoft, AWS, nginx, etc. Reduce security risk upfront by centralizing design, implementation, and review of authentication and authorization policy.

Trust your authorization policy

Separate API authorization from API development by centralizing user onboarding, assignment, and scope management while integrating with your monitoring and auditing processes.

Enhance developer efficiency

Secure your platform using OAuth 2.0 to leverage existing industry standard libraries, tools, and best practices. Maintain pace with the latest in API Security specifications and best practices while focusing on core API functionality. 

API Access Management diagram