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Anytime Collect


Anytime Collect is collections solution that increases your cash flow. With Anytime Collect, you can:

• Free up staff time to focus on proactive customer engagement.
• Reduce your DSO to increase your liquidity.
• Increase working capital to invest in your business.
• Increase cash from operations to lower your cost of credit.

The Anytime Collect solutions includes:

Automated Communication.
Use automated rules and personalized communication to initiate the right to guide and nudge every customer to a timely payment.

Customer Self-service.
Make it more convenient and faster for customers to pay with self-service for paying online, reviewing statements, downloading invoices, promising to pay, or disputing.

Collections Activity Management.
Make your team proactive with intelligent rules that prioritize their activities that prevent invoices from going past due or that have the biggest reduction in past due.

CRM Integration.
Keep collection, sales, and account management aligned on customer activities to work effectively as one team.

Dashboards and Reporting.
Keep stakeholders up to date with automated reports on status of your receivables. Receivables Dashboard lets you get insights into your receivables and operations.

ERP Integrations
Anytime Collect has the industry leading set of integrations for on-premises and cloud ERPs.

Best Practices and Expertise
We’re experts in taking companies live and optimizing cash flow and our solution contains a whole series of best practice templates to take you live quickly.