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Arkose Labs


Okta and Arkose Labs work together to protect against online attacks and safeguard user login and registration: Arkose Labs intercepts malicious and inauthentic login traffic before it reaches your app, while Okta securely verifies authentic users. Suspicious login attempts are presented with a challenge-response mechanism from Arkose Labs that bot and human-assisted attacks can’t solve at scale. Challenges don't block legitimate users, and are only presented when the context is suspicious, minimizing interruptions to the user authentication flow.

The Challenge

  • Websites and mobile apps are under attack as fraudsters attempt to take over legitimate accounts and leverage fake accounts for fraud, spam, and abuse
  • Attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, causing enterprises of all types to look for new defenses to add to their toolkits
  • As organizations attempt to counter these evolving attacks, they need to balance deploying heightened security capabilities with ease of use for authentic users