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New Relic by Organization


New Relic's software analytics product for application performance management (APM) delivers real-time and trending data about your web or non-web app's performance. Your Dev/Ops teams don't need to guess whether a performance blocker comes from the app itself, CPU availability, database loads, or something else entirely unexpected. New Relic APM provides:

- Big picture: Have a better understanding of your software system: What is "normal" vs. what is not.
- Tiniest details: Use transaction traces, error traces, slow database queries, and other APM features to pinpoint and handle abnormal app performance.
- Current state: Monitor the current health of your apps, and receive alert notifications about escalating conditions before they affect your users.
- Opportunities to improve: Optimize "normal" to make your app's user satisfaction levels (Apdex) and mobile experience even better.
- ROI: Analyze problems tied to your critical revenue paths. Plan for the future, using architectural connections and dependencies via APM service maps, data analysis and visualization in New Relic Insights, and other New Relic products integrated with APM.