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PubNub is a Pub/Sub service for sending data between devices in real-time. It is ideal for developers building chat applications, IoT device signaling, real-time GPS location tracking, multiplayer online games, and more. Messages generally make it from publisher to subscriber in 80–100ms, regardless of their locations.

It is superior to websockets and MQTT because it infinitely scales to any user volume, automatically. It also comes out-of-the-box with supplementation to Pub/Sub: like online user presence, historical message replay, optional channel read/write restriction, channel multiplexing, programmable serverless functions and a few others.

There are PubNub SDKs for every programming language so your server, web browser, mobile phone, or smart toaster can use PubNub right away.

Getting started is very fast because you get live API keys the instant you sign up. It is forever free up to 1 million message per month, so students and hobbyists usually get by for free.