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Virgin Pulse


Virgin Pulse’s diverse technology solutions span all stages of wellbeing. No matter where your company is on your wellbeing journey today, our solutions are designed to grow with you. Virgin Pulse helps you build competitive advantage and achieve outcomes that matter by cultivating a culture of wellbeing, one that increases employee engagement and loyalty across your organization.

Virgin Pulse Engage is a total employee wellbeing solution that drives sustainable, long-term behavior change and strengthens workforce cultures by providing daily engagement tools, personalized micro-learning, and targeted communications. The bottom line? Happier, healthier, more productive workers and higher performing organizations.

Virgin Pulse Ignite is a next-in-class social wellbeing solution that strengthens corporate culture and increases employee engagement and productivity through team-based competitions, activity and healthy habits.

Virgin Pulse Core is a modern health management technology solution that helps organizations identify and mitigate employee health risks and reduce healthcare costs.