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Recognized as the G2 Crowd Leader for digital asset management, Widen serves mid-to-large organizations with a data-driven platform, the Widen Collective. Widen's six integrated applications encompass digital asset management, product information management, and marketing resource management solutions, integrating with over 50 apps from creative suites to project management, AI, and marketing and sales tools. Power your content management needs with award-winning tools and service beyond compare. Request a demo today.

Create, review, manage, distribute, and analyze your digital content with a suite of applications that work together in one powerful platform.

Assets - Catalog, control, and deliver rich media assets from a central source.

Entries - Enrich product data with marketing copy and digital assets for distribution

Insights - Track and measure assets and build performance dashboards.

Portals - Curate collections and create personalized brand experiences.

Templates - Create localized web-to-print collateral that’s on-brand on demand.

Workflow - Manage work in process and streamline collaboration, reviews, and approvals.

== WHY WIDEN? ==

1. We step on the field with you. Some tech companies implement their software, wave goodbye, and wish you luck. The Widen customer experience is a total service approach that never, ever quits. Our experts are like blockers who step in the way of 300-pound problems so you can get to the endzone.

2. We're DAM black belts. In 1997, we released one of the earliest digital asset management systems. To this day, we’re still focused on advancing DAM. That kind of longevity and dedication is rare in the martech industry. We create, use, and dream DAM like it’s an art form (which we think it is).

3. We've been in business since 1948. From the peak of print to the rise of digital to the frontiers of immersive media, we’ve adapted to all the seismic shifts in communication. Because we’ve seen it all, we’re quick to spot the future – and driven to tap its full potential. We put value over being first.

4. We’re independent. Self-funded and stable, we can make the best long-term decisions for our customers. We have no venture capitalists to placate or growth metrics to chase.

5. Our customers rock. From Fortune 100 enterprises to world-famous universities, we serve over 660 organizations in 175 countries. We have customers in virtually every industry.

6. We get the content lifecycle. From the "eureka!" moment to the approval process to the day an asset retires, our DAM handles all the grunt work. Content has its own "circle of life," and we keep it turning here in our own Pride Rock of Madison, Wisconsin.

7. Culture is our rocket fuel. Widen is certified as a WorldBlu Freedom-Centered Workplace™. We employ people with developmental challenges in partnership with Madison-based Community Support Network. Our CEO (Chief Eudaimonia Officer), Matthew Gonnering, gives one heck of a TEDx Talk. And list the goes on. We think people who love what they do and where they do it will aim for the moon.

8. Then + now. We keep one hand in the past and one in the future. If you need a centralized marketing content library for your workgroup, we've got that. If you need a heavily integrated DAM system to manage complex marketing and sales workflows for a global enterprise, we've got that covered, too.

9. We're 100 percent cloud. Our customers deserve the best scalability, ease, and security a tech company can offer. That’s why we built the Widen Collective® on top-notch cloud infrastructure. No matter how fast you move and grow, we keep pace.

10. We’re obsessed with security. Widen bulletproofs your content. We participate in regular security audits and penetration tests – and continue to pass with flying colors.

11. We make marketing flow. Some tech companies make fancy features for show. We design every function for your real marketing and creative processes. You’ll find everything you’d expect in a top DAM system and things you won’t get from anyone else. Check out the Collective’s key features

12. Pay for what you use. We tailor the Collective to your needs. Pay based on the optional features you choose. Request a proposal, and we’ll break down the pricing for you.

13. We play nice. A number of popular technology platforms integrate with the Collective. Our API makes it easy for you to take DAM anywhere you need to go.

14. We’re our own customer. We’re the primary test subject for our DAM software. Our digital content production, marketing, and creative teams use our tech and services to do their work. They give us sharp, real-world feedback.

15. We're educators. Part of our mission is to turn you and your team members into DAM and PIM champions, advocates, and administrators. So, we provide oodles of resources to make that happen. Come to Widen User Groups, learn online, or join us at the annual Widen Summit to get your DAM on.

16. We give a DAM. Marketing and creative people face many of the same challenges no matter where they work. That’s our tribe. We know your pains and aspirations. We measure our success by yours.

17. We love DAM wordplay. And we are aDAMant about funDAMentally changing the way your product marketing flows!

Request a demo or sign up for a free trial at https://www.widen.com.