Lifecycle Management

Automate workflows tied to the lifecycle state of your customers.


pre-built integrations for automating provisioning to popular 3rd-party applications

30 minutes

saved for every application provisioning request

4 weeks

on average development time saved from writing custom integration code

Okta Lifecycle Management

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Provisioning and deprovisioning

Provision and deprovision users to downstream 3rd-party applications. Automatically assign applications depending on group membership or attribute.

Okta Customer Identity Provisioning

Identity and profile sync

Maintain a unified source of truth by syncing user profile attributes between Okta and 3rd-party applications. Customizable attribute mappings with transformation via Okta Expression Language.

Okta Customer Identity Lifecycle Management Attribute Sync

CSV directory

CIAM Product Lifecycle Management CSV directoryv2

Use Okta to manage user information and entitlements

  • Process and create users
  • Evaluate group membership rules
  • Add to groups
  • Set application entitlements
  • Assign applications

Import Inline Hooks

Easily migrate customer profile data from existing user stores with customizable data clean up and profile enrichment. Combine data from multiple sources into Okta’s centralized Universal Directory.

Okta Inline Hooks diagram

Attribute-level mastering

Fine-grained control over how profiles are mastered. Specify different profile masters for individual attributes.

Attribute-level mastering

With 120+ pre-built SCIM integrations, Okta's catalog is the broadest in the industry. See them all ›

SCIM App Wizard

Build your own OIN SCIM integration to extend provisioning and deprovisioning to custom applications.

Automations and Hooks

Trigger workflows such as emails and Hooks based on a customizable set of events. Defining trigger points can be done in the Admin UI, reducing developer resources requirements.

Okta Customer Identity Lifecycle Management Automations

Or write custom logic with Event Hooks to notify downstream technologies of events occuring in Okta. Potential customizations made possible by Event Hooks include:

  • Notify a Group Admin when group membership changes
  • Notify an App Admin when users are unassigned from apps
  • Upon user deletion in Okta, begin the process of deleting user data in other related systems
  • Automate IT tickets as users are suspended and unsuspended

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Lifecycle Management