Protect Against Data Breaches Customer Journey eBook

Your goal is to bring a higher standard of security to your organization. Users are accessing applications and data from a myriad of devices and locations and the traditional perimeter is dissolving. Do you have the right Identity Access Management (IAM) tools in place to confidently protect against data breaches?

Stolen and recycled passwords continue to pose an important security issue that drains your IT resources. Stolen credentials and credential phishing are two of the top strategies hackers use in data breaches according to the 2018 Verizon Data Breaches investigation Report. Poor access control management leaves users, including the extended supply chain, with access to everything. Not to mention, authentication strategies haven’t evolved in 15+ years. 
With identity, there’s a better approach. Centralizing identity allows you to reduce password management risk by easily managing multiple, non-repetitive passwords. Strengthen identity assurance even further with a variety of multi-factor authentication methods so data is protected no matter where or how it’s accessed. Additionally, contextual access management solutions can assign a level of risk to factors like location and device allowing dynamic access decisions to happen automatically. 

Who has access to what? Eliminate blind spots with proper lifecycle management that also simplifies provisioning and deprovisioning. With identity as the modern perimeter, authentication data is available across security systems to provide complete visibility so you can take action faster.

Allergan, Funding Circle, Pivotal, Flex, Gatwick, Heal, and Fieldpoint Private are mitigating security risks and protecting thousands of employees, customers, and partners. Identity is the key ingredient to their success.