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Oktane18 may be over, but the insights go far beyond it. Here’s your chance to see what you missed.
Hear how today’s leaders are shaping tomorrow’s technology and building modern, more effective workplaces.

Getting Started with Okta Lifecycle Management

Aaron Yee, Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager, Okta
Maneesha Wijesinghe, Sales Engineer, Okta
Adnan Sancak, IT Solution and Services Manager, Arçelik

Are you new to managing identity lifecycles? Do you rely on scripts, manual processes, and tickets? In this session, we cover the basics of lifecycle management and discuss pertinent features in the Okta Lifecycle Management product. Specifically, we address how to integrate authoritative sources, automate the onboarding and offboarding process, create and close accounts in downstream apps, assign SSO access, and review access reports.

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Customer Zero: Okta on Okta

Mick Johnson, Manager, Okta on Okta, Okta
Stephanie Dwight, Senior Manager, IT Business Systems, Okta

We're not salespeople or product managers, we're the team that is using Okta to make Okta better. In this session, Okta experts tell stories around our HRIS as a Master solution and explain how to use new features, such as LDAP as a Service. This IT professional-to-IT professional discussion will teach viewers how to implement and benefit from these solutions.

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Automate Lifecycle Management: The Right Resources, at the Right Times, for the Right People

Ankur Datta, Senior Product Manager, Platform Extensibility, Okta
Adnan Sancak, IT Manager, Software Solutions, Arçelik

Security and risk management leaders must ensure that only the right people get access to the right resources (e.g. applications and data) at the right times for the right reasons. These leaders also prioritize a streamlined experience for the people managing these risk management processes, as well as the people looking for access (employees, contractors, partners, etc.) to corporate apps and data. In this session, learn about Okta’s automation capabilities that make these processes self-serviceable, low touch, compliant, and transparent for all stakeholders. Ankur Datta and Steve Jansen discuss how to automate the application request/approval process, streamline the first-day experience for new employees, and much more.

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Cardinal Health: 60k Associates + 111 Apps Migrated + 0 App Changes in < 5 Months

William Dubois, Manager IAM Strategy and Build, Cardinal Health
Dave Fend, Senior Services Architect, Okta

Through its partnership with Okta, Cardinal Health was able to revitalize IAM service offerings and rapidly migrate legacy applications to Okta. William Dubois and Dave Fend discuss how this service-based model has become the new paradigm for Cardinal Health applications, and how other organizations can future-proof their own IAM services. The session highlights how this move significantly improved speed, resiliency, security, and the user experience. It also explains how new integration patterns and coexistence models can be leveraged to minimize disruptive change while seamlessly rolling out new, modernized login experiences.

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How the Okta Integration Network Lets Me Do More with Okta

Chuck Fontana, VP, Okta Integrations & Strategic Partnerships, Okta
David Nissen, Director of Product Management, Okta Integration Network, Okta

The Okta Integration Network (OIN) is your starting point to using Okta to build new security and efficiency enhancing workflows. Whether you’re trying to increase security, get better analytics on your infrastructure, or put more services online and power a digital transformation, the OIN has the information and insight you need. In this session, Chuck Fontana and David Nissen talk all about the new integrations Okta is building, and how they help you become more efficient and save money. Watch a demo of the new OIN experience and learn how to search for and install new integrations from within the Okta UI.

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Future of Directories: Architecting for the Cloud

Sai Maddali, Product Manager, Okta
Mark Anderson, CIO, CROSSMARK

In our modern cloud and mobile world, organizations are turning away from their data centers, moving identity into the cloud and pushing security to the end user. The problem is, applications and infrastructure that rely on Active Directory (AD) or the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) are often entrenched in the business, require expensive AD/LDAP deployments, and lack basic security features like MFA. Okta can help you solve these problems. Learn more about reducing your on-prem overhead, and how we are investing in the future of directories at Okta. Mark Anderson also discusses his visionary tale of how Crossmark drastically reduced their on-prem dependence, brought 30K users to the cloud, and fully implemented Okta in under 6 months.

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Okta Lifecycle Management Roadmap: Conquering the Extended Enterprise

George Kwon, Director of Product Management, Okta

The workforce is becoming more dynamic, and collaboration outside the office walls is growing. In an extended enterprise, the challenges of granting timely access and automating removal of access can feel like conflicting priorities. This session unpacks Okta’s vision for how the lifecycle management product helps organizations regain control of their access management. Learn more about recent enhancements and Okta’s roadmap for the coming year.

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Ushering the Enterprise into the Future of Work

Alex DiNunzio, Director of Product, Fuze
Herminia Gomez, Lead Systems Engineer, National Geographic
Andy Poirier, Sr. IT Engineer, WeddingWire

By 2025, the workplace will undergo its most massive transformation since the Industrial Revolution. Organizations need a strong foundation of authentication, security, provisioning, and collaboration tools to connect users, teams, and organizations. This session explains how Fuze and Okta provide a truly unified and secure solution across the extended digital workforce. Learn how Fuze’s global cloud communications and collaboration platform and Okta's next generation Single Sign-On  and Multi-Factor Authentication solutions allow users to get the tools and data they need, and enables IT to manage users more efficiently.

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Roadmap: Building the Future of Access Management

John Gronberg, Director of Product Management, Okta

Single Sign-On and Universal Directory are Okta's foundational access products; they reliably deliver security, efficiency, and user-experience benefits across thousands of organizations and millions of users every day. We understand that the needs of enterprises are constantly evolving, with new threats and technologies being introduced everyday — and we’re determined to provide the solutions they need to succeed. In this session, Okta’s product leaders discuss the latest enhancements and look forward to what’s coming up on the Okta roadmap.

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Bringing It All Together: Okta, HR, and Your Directories

Arvil Nagpal, Product Manager, Okta Integration, Advanced Apps, Okta
Bibu Mohapatra, Principal Engineer, Palo Alto Networks

As IT organizations seek to stitch together human resource management systems such as Workday and Namely with directories such as Active Directory and LDAP, they face a challenge of unifying user records. This problem is exacerbated as users change roles over time, as they update their own information, and as they leave the organization. In this session, learn about Okta's current capabilities and roadmap for allowing HR and IT to work together more efficiently, make employees productive, and improve security and compliance. You'll also learn how Palo Alto Networks used Okta to aggregate multiple data sources, transform the data, and ultimately bring identity management and HR together into a unified system.

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Customization: How to Make Your Okta Org Really Ridiculously Good Looking

Jade Feng, Product Manager, Okta
Santhosh Krishnan, Staff Software Engineer, Okta

Okta is a powerful identity management platform that is also invested in providing a delightful and secure experience for your customers and employees. 
Every company has a different brand experience, as well as unique users with equally unique needs. This session will cover the many ways you can transform the sign-in, registration, and recovery flows for a variety of use cases, even with limited resources. Learn how to implement these customizations in your own organization — and get a sneak peek of upcoming customization features on the Okta roadmap.

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Lessons in IT Leadership: Best Practices in Leveraging Emerging Technologies and Delivering Strategic Business Value

Mark Settle, CIO, Okta

Successful IT leaders consistently find ways of spotting emerging technologies that can address the needs of their businesses. They’re also adept at translating these technology opportunities into successful business initiatives.  Mark Settle, seven-time CIO and author of Truth from the Trenches, coaches attendees on managing their innovation pipeline and structuring initiatives that can deliver strategic business value.

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The Power of SCIM: Reduce Security Risks and Automate User App Provisioning

Sara Daqiq, Developer Support Engineer, Okta
Joël Franusic, Evangelist, Okta
Gaurav Agarwal, Sr Director, Technology, LendingClub

Identity management complexity increases exponentially as companies grow, innovate, and experience employee turnover. How do you manage the user accounts in the dozens of applications your company uses on a daily basis? SCIM, or System for Cross-domain Identity Management, is an open standard that maintains and manages identity across systems and complex environments, supporting full lifecycle management in real time. SCIM reduces security risks and automates user app provisioning without any need to push updates to applications manually. In this session, we talk with LendingClub about how simple it is to use SCIM to reduce security risks 

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All Things Admin: How We're Investing in Trust, Transparency, and Your Success

Talia Jackson, Senior Adoption Program Manager, Okta
Tom Witczak, Director of Product Management, Okta

Join Okta's Admin Experience Product Manager + Customer First Programs team to learn about the product features and success resources aimed at making you (and your implementation) more successful. This session includes an overview of our new Delegated Admin feature, public roadmap, trust enhancements, and community resources including adoption best practices, the Okta Help Center, and more. 

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Customer Spotlight: Increase M&A Agility

Wendy Busath, Sr. Sales Engineer, Okta
Jason Sabin, CIO, DigiCert
Grant Webster, Integration Lead, TP ICAP
Jared Thomas, Senior Manager, Global Support Services, The Association of International Certified Professional Accountants

Managing changes in IT infrastructure through organizational change can be a major challenge. IT is often seen as a key area for achieving the efficiencies desired in mergers and acquisitions (M&As). The challenge intensifies further because the timeline for completing the integration of a newly acquired business can be heavily dependent on IT.  Learn from Okta customers on how to address major M&A challenges.

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Acxiom: Security and Remote Access with HR-as-a-Master and MFA/VPN

Pablo Valarezo, Expert Information Security Manager, Acxiom
Maggie Adams, Business Development Manager, Okta

Acxiom serves as the data foundation for the world’s best marketers. Next year, the company turns 50 years old, meaning it has evolved throughout several waves of technology. Okta has enabled its most recent transformation, beginning with the Okta Identity Cloud and extending this through integrations with Workday, F5 Networks, among others. Learn more on how Acxiom leverages Workday-as-a-Master for provisioning and deprovisioning, and Okta’s Adaptive MFA for enhanced security everywhere.

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First Impressions Last: Improving the Activation Experience Through Okta API's

Aaron Finnis, Chief Information Security Officer, Flinders University
Jan-Marie Davies, IT Manager, Flinders University

First impressions last. This is perhaps the most true when it comes to accessing online services. As an organization, you only have one chance to get it right. Flinders University in South Australia recently moved to Okta, streamlining their student activation process, and enabling rapid onboarding of 6000+ commencing students per annum. Using the same approach, the university was able to migrate its 38,000+ users to Okta with 0.1% support calls. Against the backdrop of these improvements, this presentation explores how Flinders University built a successful custom activation and migration approach using Okta APIs.

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