Okta is the identity company that stands for trust

We put trust at the core of everything we do — it powers our vision to enable any organization to use any technology. It’s inherent in our core values: love our customers, never stop innovating, act with integrity, be transparent, and empower our people. In alignment with our values and as part of our commitment to trust, we believe that Okta has a long-term responsibility to maximize benefits to our society, the environment, and all of our stakeholders, including our employees, customers, and communities. We take that responsibility seriously, and we’ll lead Okta with the conviction that how we build the future is as important as what we build.

Since we founded Okta over a decade ago, we’ve been proud of our social impact work and the philanthropic contributions we’ve made through Okta for Good and the 1% Pledge. We are committed to giving back to the communities in which we live and work, and at Oktane20 Live, we furthered that commitment by announcing $10 million in new philanthropic funding over the next three years, the majority of which will support the technology needs of nonprofits. This commitment represents the next era of our giving — and it comes at a time when so many organizations face unimaginable strain due to the global pandemic.

Todd McKinnon and Frederic Kerrest.

As every organization navigates the new environment of remote work, we will continue to put the security and privacy of our customers first, applying our focus on trust to what we build and how we act. Every Okta product, feature, and piece of functionality is designed with security and privacy at the forefront. We protect our customers’ data, maintain our users’ privacy, and are transparent about how we leverage data to improve our service. And we built the Okta Identity Cloud to be the world’s most secure and reliable identity platform — because we know that what we do is so critical to our customers’ success. On behalf of our customers, we will continue to champion neutrality and choice, and lay the foundation for a more secure and private world.

As we look forward to the next decade for Okta, we considered the impact of our own business operations on all our key stakeholders. These efforts led to the launch of our environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives in May 2020. The conclusions that follow provide a focus and framework, which we plan to leverage over the coming years to measure and improve our ESG program. In the spirit of transparency, we will share updates with you — our community — on our progress as we expand our ESG program.

How we build is as important as what we build, and we’re committed to building a more secure, liveable, sustainable, and generous future. We look forward to working with all of you to make this vision a reality, and as always, we thank you for your support.

Todd McKinnon, CEO & Co-Founder
Frederic Kerrest, Vice Chairman & Co-Founder, Okta

May 2020