Protecting Our Customers

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Our customers trust Okta to safely connect people to technology by making it highly available and secure. They benefit from a service designed, built, maintained, and monitored to meet the rigorous confidentiality, integrity, and availability requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations and industries. For more information on Okta security features see our whitepaper. 

Okta’s reputation for security excellence is shown through our many security certifications, including multiple FedRAMP Authorizations To Operate and HIPAA. As the compliance and regulatory environment is constantly changing, a current list can be found on our Compliance page.

Okta Security Certifications

Data privacy

Privacy and security are interdependent – you cannot have one without the other. We attach prime importance to both. Protecting individuals’ privacy is at the foundation of everything we do and is pivotal to our customers trusting us as their identity provider. 

Four principles guide the way we approach privacy and provide reassurance to our customers:

Okta customers own their data

We do not sell any customer data and we never will.

Okta is built for security and privacy

Every product at Okta is designed with privacy and security at the forefront. A Zero Trust approach to access, and multi-layer encryption protects data at rest and over the wire.

Okta enables building with privacy

Okta helps developers build robust identity protections and security best practices into their software.

Okta improves customer experiences without compromising privacy

When we use data to provide better experiences for our customers we protect customer privacy by using aggregated and anonymized metadata, and we are committed to being transparent about that use.

For more information visit our Privacy page.