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Okta for Education

Solve the Identity and Access Management (IAM) equation in education with cloud-based security that powers a better user experience for staff and students.

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Identities in education are complex —
managing them doesn't have to be


Drive enrollment and increase retention

Okta improves the digital student experience by providing secure and easy access to data and resources anytime, anywhere.

Simplify Identity administration

Our cloud-based Identity solution offers ease of management through automation and seamless integration with first-party, legacy, modern, and cloud applications.

Build resilience in education

A modern and resilient Identity is the foundation of a safe connection between people and technology. Okta gives academics, staff, students, alumni, and customers secure access to the tools they need to do their most important work efficiently.

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Modern Identity is key to solving the complexity of IAM in education

By taking a modern approach to consumer Identity challenges, Okta addresses the evolving Identity needs of higher education institutions. See our datasheet to learn how.

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Resources for education

Industry perspective: solving the Identity equation

From a challenge to a strategic advantage: Learn how a modernized platform can enable Identity for your higher education institution.

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You’re not alone on your Identity journey

Migrating from legacy, on-premises, or first-party applications can be daunting. But having the right support and partnership makes all the difference.

From a simple directory migration to a Zero Trust framework, Okta and its partners are ready whenever and wherever you are.

Key partnerships to ensure your success 


Deep partner integrations


Okta helps University of Notre Dame’s students and IT team work smarter

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“In our assessment, Okta was the industry leader. We were looking for an Identity partner with a solid record that could help us streamline and gain visibility across our entire Identity fabric. It was evident that Okta could support us better than we could support ourselves."


Michele Decker,

Manager of Identity and Access Management at the University of Notre Dame

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