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Protect On-Prem Applications with Okta's Access Gateway (OAG)

Course Overview

Secure access to on-prem apps and protect your hybrid cloud – without changing how your apps work today. 

Are you familiar with Web Access Management (WAM)? Are you aware of the limitations and drawbacks of maintaining such a large infrastructure? Would you like to deliver Okta's Single Sign-On (SSO) and Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication (AMFA) to web applications on premises without changing how those apps work? 

In this 30-minute, self-paced course, you will begin to explore how Okta's Access Gateway leverages popular on-prem integration patterns such as Kerberos, IWA, and reverse proxy Header-Based authentication to integrate on-premise applications without changing their source code.

Are you preparing for the Okta Professional Certification Exam? Take this course as part of the Introduction to Okta free learning series. 

Looking for a deeper dive and hands-on labs with OAG? Check out the Implement Okta Access Gateway (OAG) course (instructor led or subscription).

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    Administrator + Implementation Consultant + IAM Professional
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    Okta Access Gateway
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