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SSO Enable Custom Apps and Sites with OIDC

Course Overview

Modernize access to your custom apps and sites and remove the authentication challenge by giving your customers Single Sign-On (SSO) access with OpenID Connect (OIDC). 

Learn how JSON Web Tokens and OIDC work, and select the best OIDC flow based on whether you are building a trusted app or not, and if your app is native or web based. You will implement OpenID Connect with Okta to federate access to your custom apps and sites through completion of extensive Javascript coding labs. Best practices are covered, as well as testing and troubleshooting techniques. 

This course is perfect for Developers and Architects who are familiar with using Okta REST APIs, Widgets, and SDKs and want to expand their knowledge to customer identity management scenarios.

Participants will learn how to: 

  • Take the use of OpenID Connect and JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) from theory to practice. 
  • Utilize Okta’s SDKs to federate both customer facing sites and internal applications. 
  • Develop Single Sign-On (SSO) to a custom application using Okta and OpenID Connect. 
  • Understand OpenID Connect actors and flows and when to use them. 
  • Use Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE) to secure hybrid flows for mobile apps. 
  • Understand best practices and troubleshoot common problems. 

To be successful in this course, you should have: 

  • Familiarity with Okta REST APIs and widgets. 
  • Experience with front-end development, using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. 

Setup Requirements: 

  • Students use their own computers. 
  • Okta provides access to an Okta tenant + virtual machine to complete the labs.
  • Note: This content is also available in on-demand format as part of the Okta Premier Learning Pass subscriptions.

Learning Path: Take this course BEFORE API Access Management with OAuth. These two courses are often scheduled together, but you must register for both if you want the 2-day experience.

Looking for a course outline? Click HERE to view the Course Datasheet.

  • Relevant Role

    Developer + Implementation Consultant
  • Recommended for

    Okta Certified Developer Certification
  • Learning Method

    Instructor-led Training
  • Duration

    1 Day
  • Relevant Products

    Single Sign-On + API Products
  • Cost

    $925 USD / seat