Identity isn’t just a solution. It’s the foundation.

Customer identity isn't a single solution to a single problem. It's the cornerstone of your company's digital ecosystem.

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We came for the out-of-the-box authentication. We stayed for the increased customer engagement.

We came for the passwordless authentication. We stayed for the uplift in customer conversions.

We came for the customer account security. We stayed for the cost savings and operational efficiency.

How to increase customer value by $5M+

The Business Value of Okta CIAM - cover page

IDC conducted research exploring the value and benefits for organizations using Okta Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM). Study participants reported both top and bottom-line results, plus overall customer satisfaction that equates to total benefits of $5.4M per organization, including a 314% three-year ROI.

Discover what Okta customers have to say about value of Okta CIAM:

  • Scalable cloud-ready API platform
  • Seamless and secure customer experience
  • Invisible partner that does not overwhelm users

Build trusted digital experiences with modern identity

In a global, cross-industry research study surveying enterprise-level customer experience (CX) and IT decision-makers, 451 Research’s findings show that digitally advanced organizations that deliver differentiated digital customer experiences understand the criticality of customer identity. But organizations of all levels of digital sophistication have room to invest in more sophisticated customer identity technologies.

Learn why 451 Research says investments in customer identity can help close the gap between digitally advanced and delayed organizations, helping to drive differentiation and boost trusted customer experience-driven business outcomes.

Customer Identity a Key Element of Creating Exceptional Digital Experiences

See what our customers make possible with identity

A secure identity layer is the foundation our customers use to enhance their digital innovation and build frictionless and trusted experiences for their customers. A great CIAM service can help attract and retain loyal customers, which directly translates into top-line growth.

Learn how Albertsons and MLB leverage Okta to enable exceptional digital experiences and create strong, trusted connections to their brands.


"We are looking at the customer journey in a unified way, between our stores and our online—we are not differentiating between the two. So, we are building technology in such a way that the customer can have a seamless experience." - Ramiya Iyer, GVP, IT

Ally Financial

Ally Financial provides a seamless, trusted experience for its 40,000 dealers


"Identity is the crux of how people interact with our organization. For us, the best way to establish a digital relationship with our customers was to consolidate customer identity across all platforms.” - Bob Durfee, Head of DevSecOps, Takeda

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